AUmazing Autistic Adult Membership


Our AUmazing Autistic Adult Membership is aimed specifically at Autistic Adults. This membership provides lifetime access to a selection of courses that have been hand chosen for you. It also provides access to live monthly Q&A sessions worth €25 each


  1. How Autistic Minds work 
  2. Understanding Sensory Sensitivities 
  3. Autism and ADHD 
  4. Autism and Trauma 
  5. Autistic, Sex and Gender 
  6. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 
  7. Autism and Masking 
  8. Autism and Addiction


BONUS FOR first 100 sign ups – FREE ACCESS TO WHAT AUTISM IS AND ISN’T worth €30


Worth €560- now only €149 with our AUMAZING membership package