Advanced PDA Course

This advanced course on autism and PDA is especially designed for parents , teachers or practitioners working with Autistic children and teens who exhibit signs of demand avoidance. Attendees must have previously completed our Autism and PDA webinar.

This autism and PDA course will give you understanding and skills to change responses in school and home.

€65 includes course materials , certificate of completion and presentation slides.

This 5 hour course takes place over 2 evenings Wed 7th and 14th Julu 7-9.30 pm GMT


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Pathological demand avoidance (PDA) is a proposed sub-type of autismAutistic children are diagnosed with PDA when they exhibit a greater refusal to do what is asked of them, even to activities they would normally like.

This is an advanced course for people who have already completed the 2 hour webinar on Autism and PDA with us. In this course we Evaleen and Stiof will take a small group of attendees (limited to 25) and will provide delegates with opportunities to work on developing solutions and better communication so that PDA responses can be avoided.


This autism and PDA course takes place online over 2 evenings on Wed 7th and 14th July from 7-9.30pm

The live course takes place over zoom. We will send you a link to join the course a day or two prior to the course date. This will be a meeting rather than a webinar so everyone will be on video and be able to interact, chat, join discussions , ask questions and join breakout rooms for group activities.

Course Content:

  • A recap on PDA
  • A deep dive into the emotions behind PDA responses
  • Workshop  on developing strategies to improve the environment
  • Workshop on developing better communication strategies

Often requests can sound like demands to the child who is experiencing Pathological Demand Avoidance. Sometimes even help can feel like a demand. It is actually more that the request feels like a demand on the child’s resources and so it does actually become a demand to them.

In this advanced course Evaleen from AUsome Training and Stiof MacAmhalghaidh will empower you to understand PDA better and develop meaningful strategies in the home, school or clinic.

They will explain what experiencing PDA is like for the Autistic person and give you strategies to navigate these situations by adapting your communication and by studying the environment. Stiof and Evaleen both experience demand avoidance themselves and share their own insights during the course as well.

This short course on autism and PDA is especially designed for parents , teachers or practitioners who work with Autistic children and teens who exhibit signs of demand avoidance and who have already taken part in our PDA webinar.

Like all of our courses at AUsome Training this has been designed by Autistic trainers and will be delivered by Autistic speakers.

A little bit about Stiof MacAmhalghaidh

They have been developing The Munster Model for over 12  years, combining years of theory of Autism with existing research and lived experience of Autistic people. It is the first model which explains the reality of what it means to be Autistic. Stiof is also our SME here at AUsome Training. Stiof realised they were Autistic at the age of twelve through their own reading and got a formal confirmation as an adult!

Here’s a recent answer Stiof gave at a PDA course. It will give you a good idea of the level of insight, knowledge and understanding we have at AUsome Training.