A Taste of Dawn

Half-Day Introductory/Taster Webinar (via Zoom) for Therapists & other helping professionals


Saturday 10th Aug  2024, 10.00am – 1.00pm with psychotherapist Eoin Stephens


This half day session will include :

  • Therapy/Helping with Autistic Adults- Current thinking, practical applications




These days, an increasing number of clients seeking therapy (or who are already in therapy) are wondering if they are autistic, have identified themselves as autistic, or have been diagnosed as autistic. This exploration/discovery can be helpful in making more sense of their life experiences and struggles, but many will benefit from informed professional help in doing so.

Autistic people (especially when growing up without knowledge of being autistic) are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems, and the suicide risk among autistic people is much higher than in the general population. When they seek therapy, allowance needs to be made for their autistic personality, communication style, perspective, & difficulties.


This workshop/webinar consists of presentations on the topics below, with time for questions & discussion:

  • The neurodiversity paradigm
  • Current thinking, myths, terminology (e.g. masking, stimming, etc)
  • Criteria/diagnosis/discovery
  • Communication adjustments & other issues in therapy
  • Further learning resources


Eoin Stephens is a counsellor & trainer who has worked in the area of mental health for over 30 years, particularly focusing on issues such as social anxiety & behavioural addictions. He was awarded the IACP Carl Berkeley Award in 2010. These days, his primary focus is on working with autistic adults, and on understanding the problems they face & their specific therapeutic needs.

He is himself autistic, having made the discovery in 2012.


Certificate of Attendance for 3 CPD points is awarded