How Autistic Minds Work

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Much that gets written about Autistics focuses on description, of traits, of ‘symptoms,’ of ‘behaviours,’ of likes and dislikes, of abilities and impairments. This is akin to describing the exterior of a house while remaining oblivious to how that building functions as a home to live in.

Join us to explore the How and Why behind the ways Autistic people think, feel, imagine, hope, and how that plays out in real life scenarios. Lots of time is given over to discussing our own lived experiences, as well as laying out some theoretical basis for this topic.

Maqqi will be delivering this course. They are the creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living which combines research and current theories to explain the Autistic way of being. You can read an insightful interview with AUsome subject matter expert Maqqi here.

Course Length 2hrs 30mins