Autistic Sensory Sensitivity

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Sensory sensitivity is the latest addition to the diagnostic criteria used by clinicians assessing Autistics, less than a decade ago. However, Autistic people have been well aware just how prominent a characteristic this is for a lot longer, and understanding of the diversity and importance of those sensitivities is central to appreciating just how ‘being Autistic’ works on a daily basis.

We will examine the diagnostic definitions and compare this against lived experiences, and reveal how acute senses shape emotional tone, mental health, cognitive processing and expression. Along the way we will take some glimpses at just how extraordinary Autistic senses can be, even doing things experts assure us are impossible. We beg to differ!

Maqqi will be delivering this course. They are the creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living which combines research and current theories to explain the Autistic way of being. You can read an insightful interview with AUsome subject matter expert Maqqi here.

Course Length 2hrs 30mins