Alternatives To ABA

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Guest Speakers

  1. Gillian Kearns – Neurodivergency Rights Activist
  2. Siobhán Uí Dhálaigh – Advocate & Gaelscoil Teacher
  3. Katie Kerley – Occupational Therapist
  4. Cole Sorensen – AAC user, Public Speaker & Writer
  5. and Evaleen Whelton – Founder AUsome Training & Advocate

Speakers and Presentations

Gillian Kearns – A Brief History of Radical Behaviourism and it’s Development

A brief overview of how ABA developed and it’s links to radical behaviourism. How and why it grew and why it is that so many Autistic adults are speaking out against it.

Siobhán Uí Dhálaigh – Panel Discussion

Katie Kerley – Supporting Neurodivergent People to be their most Authentic Selves

How to ensure neuro-affirmative and person centred practice as a therapist to enable Neurodivergent people to live their best lives. We do this by identifying and meeting support needs, adapting the environment (physical, social, cultural and institutional), being trauma informed, honouring communication preferences, providing means and opportunities of communication suited to each individual, embracing all aspects of a person’s identity and following their lead when it comes to what brings meaning to their life.

Cole Sorensen – Supporting Nonspeaking Autistic People through the Framework of Self-Determination

Behaviorist methods are commonplace when it comes to supporting nonspeaking autistic people in particular, but these methods can have significant negative consequences. This session will discuss alternative methods of supporting nonspeaking autistic people, both within AAC interventions and in a broader sense, through the framework of promoting autonomy, self-determination, and dignity of risk.