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Join our one-of-its-kind neuro-affirming support program for parents of Autistic children and teens.

Are you struggling to manage? Thrive and nurture your child instead!

Most autism parenting courses will teach you how to manage:

Manage meltdowns, manage ‘challenging’ behaviours, manage sensory sensitivities, anxiety, aggression, school refusal, the list goes on. 

The problem with this: You are always one step behind. You are always reacting to a child that is already – and constantly – in crisis. 

The good news is: It doesn’t have to be this way. 

With Cothú, you will learn how to prevent crisis and help your child thrive instead!

 Cothú offers parents a different view of their child and a deep understanding of what it means to be Autistic – because it was designed by Autistic people. It is full of practical toolsexercises and opportunities for growth.

As parents, we know family life is busy, so we make it easy for you, with simple but powerful ideas to make everyday changes with great results.

This 5-week program will help you understand your child from an Autistic perspective, deepen your connection, and improve your WHOLE family’s wellbeing.

During our program, you will get the chance to connect with other parents who are in the same boat. Cothú provides a welcoming space where you can share your own experience and learn from each other in a respectful, non-judgmental way.

Our Cothú toolkit will help you focus on what really matters: 

A happy child, a happy parent, a happy family.

Support: Parenting an Autistic child can be a challenging journey – but you are not alone! Receive the support you need to give your child the support they deserve.

Connection: Learn to understand your child through an Autistic learn and help them embrace who they are. Strengthen your relationship, and create a happy family life together.

Community: Connect with like-minded parents and the Autistic community. Share your experiences, tips, and struggles in a welcoming space and form long-lasting connections.

What do parents Say?

Ready to nurture your Autistic child?

Cothú is a parenting support program for parents of Autistic kids and teens or those in parenting roles (carers, foster parents, grandparents, etc).

It is delivered by private or public providers who have been trained by AUsome Training. Cothú can be run in person or online.

Please see our list of providers or contact your local HSE team to see if they already run Cothú courses. 

The course runs over 5 weeks, 2 hours per week. 

With Cothú, you will learn to understand ‘challenging’ behaviours, meltdowns, stimming, sensory sensitivities, masking, anxiety, school refusal, and more through an Autistic lens.

You will practise hands-on strategies to support your child to advocate for their needs and support your family to live authentic, happy lives.

You will get rid of the myths and discriminatory ideas around autism and gain a fresh outlook on Neurodiversity and the Autistic way of being. 

Cothú will help you enjoy a deeper relationship with your child and improve family life through true acceptance and understanding which is not offered by any other courses.

There are countless ‘autism parenting courses’ out there, many of which based on outdated views.

Joining a neurodiversity-affirming course can make all the difference to an Autistic child and your family. 

No. We know how taxing and lengthy the process of getting a diagnosis can be. If you suspect your child to be Autistic, you are welcome to join Cothú. Even if it turns out they are not Autistic, the skills and insights you learn during Cothú do not harm neurotypical kids 😉 

Autistic children are diverse and Cothú caters for this diversity. Our course focuses on the role of the parent and is therefore suitable for all parents whether the child is non-speaking, has a label of Intellectual Disability, or is Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Apraxic etc.

Cothú especially highlights the importance of access to AAC for non-speaking Autistic children.

Your AUsome journey doesn’t end there! 

Our views on the Autistic experience evolve constantly, which is why it is vital that we continue to listen and learn from the Autistic community.

Here are some ways you can stay connected:

  • join AUsome on social media or sign up to our newsletter to continue the conversation
  • join our AUmazing membership community
  • become a licenced Cothú Trainer yourself and run your own course, for example as part of a peer support group – you will be provided with all the support & materials needed

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