challenges of autism

Challenges of being Autistic.

We hear a lot about challenging behaviour in Autistics but what about the behaviours in society which we find challenging? What are the challenges of being Autistic in this world?

Here are some of the challenges that we face as Autistics:

The world tells us the way we think is wrong.

The world tells us the way we communicate is wrong.

The world tells us the way we interact with our environment is wrong.

The world tells us the way we move is wrong.

The world tells us the way we feel is wrong.

Living in a world which treats us so badly leads to exclusion and isolation.

It leads to poor mental health with many of us suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

It leads to an average life expectancy of 36 to 54yrs of age.

Our challenge is getting other people to value and appreciate us just as we are. 

Another one of the challenges of being Autistic is to stop children in our community from being abused with ABA and other abusive mistreatments.

Our challenge is being seen as a minority group of sensitive people rather than a medical condition.

Our challenge is accessing education, healthcare and employment.

Our challenge is being afforded equal rights.

Our challenge is building appreciation for all forms of communication.

Another challenge of being Autistic is being recognised as fully whole humans.

Our challenge is being allowed to advocate for ourselves and to educate others on what it means to be Autistic 

Our challenge is breaking down stereotypes, myths and almost a century of misinformation about us.

Our challenge is finding space in this world where we can be ourselves.

Our challenge is battling against oppressive functioning labels.

Our challenge is finding a world that does not traumatize us just because we are Autistic.

Our main challenge is undoing the unnecessary medicalisation of Autistic people and teaching others about our beautiful way of being.

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