Awarded Most Dedicated Education Support Organisation 2021 By Irish Enterprise Awards 

 Most Inclusive Education Provider 2022 by Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards 


We are passionate about using the most up-to-date research to inform our teaching approaches. We actively question out-dated ideas such as Dyads of Impairments and take a more positive approach that means letting go of the Deficit Models. 

All of our courses and materials are Autistic-led. This means that they are provided by Autistic people, for the benefit of Autistic children and those who work with them and love them. Our training courses are aligned with the values of Neurodiversity, and current research and thinking. Neurodiversity describes the reality of human society, where each of us brings unique contributions rather than one person being more valuable than the other.

Unfortunately, most autism training and research has never been fact-checked by Autistic people. Many autism training courses explain very little about Autistic children beyond out-dated and stereotypical representations.

Did you know that current research which contradicts many of these stereotypes, will take almost 20 years to filter into colleges and CPD courses? AUsome Training brings you the most current information right now because approaches based on stereotypes are unhelpful and often harmful. Many of the “behaviours” associated with autism are actually a result of using unhelpful approaches.  AUsome Training helps you to develop a truly understanding and inclusive school.  

autism courses and resources for schools

Our online courses are delivered live over zoom. We also have a range of on-demand courses and we offer in person training to schools around Ireland. 

Get in touch with us today make your school a truly inclusive environment where Autistic pupils can thrive.

We work with preschools, primary and elementary schools and second level schools to support you to become autism informed and to develop Neurodiversity-affirming approaches in your school. 

We have a range of books and programs which can be used with individual children or with the entire class or school 

Check out our live online 4 week course for teachers or our on-demand courses to equip your teachers to meet the needs of Autistic pupils 

Educate your entire staff, parents and pupils for as little as €650 with our online Thrive 22 program