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AUsome Training is not for everyone

AUsome Training is not for everyone. Our training is designed to take your understanding of autism into 21st century. It will challenge you. It will mean that you have to unlearn almost everything you’ve already heard about autism thus far. If you’re not ready to do that then that’s ok. It’s a hard task to question your believes. It’s even harder to accept that professional advice that has been given to you is not only incorrect but often damaging to Autistic people.

If you want to hear about core deficits of autism then we are not for you. If you want to teach Autistic people that they are less than others then we are certainly not for you because we believe in equality for Autistic people. If you want to learn how to stamp out or redirect “behaviours” then we are not for you because our training focuses on explaining why these “behaviours” occur, shows you ways to track the triggers and how to eliminate or eleviate the causes.

If you want to teach an Autistic child how to behave in social situations because you are under the illusion that Autistic people lack the skills to socialise then we are not for you. AUsome Training is pro-Autistic and also acknowledges that Autistic people do in fact have great skills when it comes to socialising. We do not encourage masking. We encourage a proud Autistic identity.

Autism is not a condition

If you want to continue to believe that autism is a developmental condition or a disorder then definitely don’t sign up for our training. You will be very disappointed when we explain in great detail why it is not.

If you want to use ABA against Autistics then don’t sign up because you will not like what we have to say about ABA. If you think Autistic people need to be trained to be just like our non-autistic peers then don’t book any courses with us because our training shows you ways to encourage and support an Autistic child or adult to be themselves. AUsome Training does not promote or support the abuse of Autistic people.

If you want to blame everything on “autism” without evaluating the environment in which we live and the impact that environment has on the mental well-being of Autistic people then we are not the right training company for you.

If you are happy to believe that Autistic people do not know how to interact, or know how to feel or show empathy then it’s best you avoid AUsome Training because we will challenge you on this also. We will take you on a journey to remind you that interacting, communicating and relationships are all two-way things.

If you think that we are presently at a point in time where we understand autism then we are not for you because we’ll show you all the holes in existing theory and share the realities for Autistic people instead of talking about a condition that magically creates issues for people. Our training will challenge you to look at Autistic people from a new perspective, from the Autistic perspective.

Our training will bend your mind…

AUsome Training is not for everyone. Our autism training has been described as mind bending

AUsome Training has been described as “mind bending“, “eye-opening” and “thought-provoking” so if these are words that scare you then it’s best to go somewhere else.

Yael Clark, Educational & Developmental Psychologist from Melbourne, Australia who recently completed our Get Konnected Social Skills Course describes her experience like this:

Evaleen is going to make you think! She’ll challenge your assumptions and take your understanding of autism to a whole new level. As a trainer, an author, and as an autistic advocate, Evaleen has added both to my professional knowledge and my self-knowledge.”

Jean Power is a play therapist from West Cork who attended one of AUsome Training’s live courses in January. Jean said that it was the best training she has ever attended. “It was very real, clear and informative“. She went on to say “it completely opened my mind“.

If you think you can open your mind just like Yael and Jean then AUsome Training is for you. If you prefer to stay tunnel-visioned then that’s what our competitors are there for. AUsome Training is not for everyone. We are busting myths and changing the tragedy narrative. If you are brave enough to be a part of that change then sign up today!


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  1. Hi. Where is this training and how do I go about it..
    I work shift work and my two sons both are very different.. I want to teach them and learn myself… But time and timing are difficult for me.

    They are 7 and 8. I’m only now finding programs for one in school that he seems to understand. After 3 years… 🙄..
    He’s very good lad and I hate they way they talk about him in school…

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