As an Autistic Adult you may be...




You might be late-discovered, dealing with everything that comes with that. You may be wondering what is the next step forward?

While uncomfortable, this is normal. Our membership will steer you in the right direction. We will support you to understand yourself better.

Filtering information is difficult especially when you’re already exhausted. Our Adult Membership courses are hand-picked by our team to create a roadmap for your self-exploration

An AUsome Adults Membership is for you if...

…You want to understand yourself

…You want to connect with your community

…You want to embrace your Neurodiversity and live authentically

Understanding – Gain a deeper understanding of your Autistic self and deepen your self-relating

Community – monthly online sessions for members on the second Monday of each month 8.30pm to 9.30pm GMT 

Connection – meet fellow Autistic adults, professionals working with Autistic adults and children, and parents of Autistic children

On demand courses included in your membership

Explore the How and Why behind the ways Autistic people think, feel, imagine, hope, and how that plays out in real life scenarios. (Course length: 2hours 30mins)

It’s widely understood that Autistic people have sensory sensitivities – it’s even part of the diagnostic criteria for autism. The community have more nuance on how sensory sensitivities affect daily living for Autistics. (Course length: 2hrs 30mins)

Autistic masking is often described as a strategy employed by Autistic people to “fit in”. But this definition begs the question “why can’t we fit in as we are?”  If you want to know how to begin to live authentically this course will be of great interest. (Course length: 3hrs)

On the face of it, many characteristics of being Autistic and many of those for ADHD seem to fly in opposite directions. However, probably about a third of Autistics also are ADHD, so how does that even work? (Course length: 2hrs 30mins)

Gender divergence is common in the Autistic population and Autistic people will more commonly identify as LGBTQIA+ too. Katie Munday explores these intersections. (Course length: 1hr 20mins)

Trauma is higher in the Autistic population but it can appear different than in non-autistic people. Learn why. (Course length: 3 hrs)

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a common connective tissue disorder which co-occurs in Autistic kids and adults, it’s particularly common in girls and women. Research shows that the prevalence of EDS is seven times higher in the Autistic population than in the general public.  (Course length: 2 hours 10 mins)

An unfortunately neglected part of Autistic mental health. This course explores the relationship between Autism, mental health, and addiction. (Course length: 1hr 55mins)

First 100 sign ups only

Frequently Asked Questions

AUsome’s work is neuro-affirming at its’ core. This means we believe Autistic adults and children do not need to be “fixed” or “changed.” We believe meeting the person where they are at and empowering them to live their most authentic, content, lives.



Your membership is annual so we will remind you when you are due for renewal. Your membership is not automatically renewed. 

Yes we do. Unfortunately, Autistic adults are commonly unemployed or underemployed – this is due to the inaccessible nature of many workspaces. (This was recently discussed in the Oireachtas – which you can read more about here). 

You can pay for your membership by instalments – just contact us to set up a payment plan that suits you and your needs.

You can start with the ones that are most relevant to your needs right now and work through them in that order. Each course is a stand-alone course so it’s okay to decide the order for yourself.

If you need a suggestion from us then we would suggest taking them in this order:


Congratulations! At AUsome our team understands first-hand how life-changing late discovery/diagnosis can be – and how overwhelming it can be too. We chose the courses in the Adult membership to help our adult members with their Autistic self-discovery. We know how important this journey is – and our membership can provide a roadmap.

Community and Support!

As an Autistic adult you can often feel alone in your journey and our AUsome monthly events give you a chance to connect with other members who are Autistic adults, parents, school staff and professionals. 

In our ten years of providing training and support spaces we have seen the most wonderful connections and empathy in these kind of mixed groups. Everyone is here to learn and we can meet each other with kindness and understanding when we understand each other’s experiences better. 

These live sessions take place on Zoom and are a great chance for our AUsome Community to learn from each other, share and build empathy in our community.

Monthly sessions will vary. Some months we’ll offer a live educational webinar, other months we’ll have a guest speaker or we’ll use the live sessions to share our own experiences and build community, choosing a topic we can all contribute to. Live sessions will not be recorded in order to protect the privacy of our members. They will take place the second Monday of each month 8.30pm to 9.30pm GMT . You’ll be sent a Zoom link via email to join. It will be the same link for each monthly event. Our monthly events are community events which means parents will attend along with Autistic adults, professionals, school staff – all with a variety of neurotypes, backgrounds and cultures. 

Then that’s absolutely fine! You can sign up for our AUsome Adults membership instead of the AUmazing membership which gives you all the same courses without the monthly live sessions.

No, we’ve got your covered. We will support your learning journey every step of the way so you can learn from the on-demand courses and bring your questions up at the monthly live sessions 

Because we are Autistic and committed to making positive changes in the lives of Autistic kids and parents just like you. 

We take the utmost care to be at the top of our game when it comes to providing the very best information and support to you. 


We work with psychotherapists, early years childcare educators, psychologists, and Autistic adults who have dedicated themselves to bringing their research and experience to the community. The team and the trainers we collaborate with spend thousands of hours researching, learning and developing the very best courses for you. 

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