An Online Conference

The Conference will be delivered online over zoom.

Date and Time:  Sunday November 13th, 10am to 3.45pm Irish Time (GMT)

Other Time Zones: AUS: 9pm-2.45am AEDT / US: 2-7.45am PST / Central Europe: 11am to 4.45pm GMT +1

Early booking is advised.


ABA and its derivatives are extremely damaging to Autistic people. Research, as well as anecdotal evidence shows that ABA causes increased levels of PTSD and suicidal ideation in its victims. It also shows that it is ineffective and unhelpful to Autistic people.

Despite this mounting evidence and a general move away from ABA by many Neurodiversity-affirming professionals, ABA is still used in preschools, schools, clinics and other settings against Autistic people young and old. Our event not only highlights the dangers of using ABA but also provides you with Neuro-affirming and actually helpful advice from Autistic advocates and professionals from around the world. 

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Our speakers:
Kristy ForbesAutism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist
Jay Jay MudridgeAutistic Advocate and ABA Survivor
Gillian KearnsNeurodivergency Rights Activist
Katie KerleyOccupational Therapist
Siobhan Ui DhalaighGaelscoil Teacher
Evaleen WheltonFounder AUsome Training and Autistic Advocate


“ABA stole my childhood. The resulting c-PTSD stole my adulthood. Autistic youth deserve better than what I got. 
And that starts with accepting your Autistic child”

– JayJay Mudridge, ABA survivor



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To raise awareness of the dangers of ABA and other behavioural approaches on Autistic children and adults. 

To educate professionals and parents and provide Neuro-affirming alternatives to ABA. 


This Event will be facilitated online via Zoom. 

€59 for live event

€79 for live event with recording